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Edinburgh airport taxis

Edinburgh airport taxis

With the experience of decades, we are providing best Edinburgh airport taxis in a beautiful town of United Kingdom, Edinburgh. We are having an honored name in providing efficient, reliable and safe taxi service in Edinburgh airport pick up and drop off. We are proud enough to offer, a client friendly services according to the need of our worthy clients. Edinburgh airport taxis is a quick, clean, and comfortable taxi service. Edinburgh airport taxis offers airport transfers and airport taxi service.

Easy to Contact:

We have 24hrs online booking facility and booking through our latest booking app online at  and our Control Staff to provide a faster response time to customers.

Fast & Efficient:

Due to congestion, road restrictions and limited parking facilities in the town, driving in Edinburgh can be frustrating most of the time. Not only efficient services of pick and drop our taxis can also be used for the collecting and delivering of documents and parcel etc. We deal with all kind of transactions e.g. Visa, Master Card and Debit.

Trust Worthy:

We are supposed to be the finest taxi company in Edinburgh with highly advanced data technology embedded to provide top notch services in Edinburgh. Automatic request completion is another feature to be admired, what we are trying to say is that when you call us to request a taxi, the computer will automatically dispatch the nearest taxi to you in Edinburgh which results in less time and efficient service facility. Advanced GPS data facility helps us to get aware where each taxi is at any given time.


As we are so concerned about the safety of our clients and load them with problem free taxi services, we make it sure that our drivers carry identification and follow the complete dress code. Their behavior depicts the quality of services as well as courteous and drives modern and clean taxis. Each Edinburg airport taxi undergoes through an annual inspection and the average age of each taxi is 3 year. We believe to work with the best technology in town and provide our customers with flexible options to make reliable bookings.

We are proud association to have wide Edinburgh airport taxi range. Our taxis can be easily identified. All of our cabs having company name embedded on it. It will make comfortable for clients even in the middle of rush airport parking area to identify Edinburgh Airport taxis easily.

Whenever you are in need of fast and efficient manner that is reliable and most importantly safe service of Edinburgh Airport taxis, just

Whether you would like to book by phone, online, or through our app booker be assured you will receive the best possible service at all times that is backed up by the best technology, in a fast and efficient manner that is reliable and most importantly safe. City Cabs are ranked only a few steps from the main terminal in the multi-story car park. We offer a Meet & Greet service if you would like for the driver to meet you at the arrivals hall with a name board.

If you would like to book the Meet & Greet Airport facility please mention this in your booking so we can arrange all necessary facilities to provide you in time. Please book minimum 4 hrs earlier to your actual booking time so we have enough time to arrange driver and all your other necessary requirements. For instant quote please book now.